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[] Long Island, New York – Mobile app review publisher AlphaDigits has named top rated applications for September 2019. AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during that particular month. This website has now released the names of top rated mobile apps for the month of September.

ReceiptFriend (10/10): This is an app that lets you easily save receipts and file them away neatly so you can find them when you need them. This works great for everyday expenses and for business travel. You don’t have to worry about collecting all those paper receipts and wonder where they all went. Think about all those times when you were checking out quickly from a purchase and you stuffed the receipt somewhere, later to find that you could not remember where you put it.

Luxigram (9.5/10): We all like the finer things in life, and they can be things that cost a lot or cost nothing at all. Luxurious experiences can be range from a 14-day cruise on the Mediterranean to a camping trip in the Ozarks. Whatever it is that you find to be a treasured moment, you can share it with others, and you can even challenge them to see if they can outdo your experience. This all happens on the app called Luxigram.

Second Galaxy (9/10): This game has an in-depth spaceship system to guide a player’s expeditions. At the beginning, players obtain a basic battleship. By progressing through the game’s campaign, more ships like frigates and cruisers will be unlocked, even powerful Battlecruisers. Piloting the ultimate Titan class ship could easily become a dream of every player in Second Galaxy.

MyScript Nebo (8.5/10): This is an iPad app that leverages the use of your stylus, either Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon, and lets you type or draw to your heart’s desire. The app’s ability to recognize handwritten script and convert it to a font of your choice is accurate. It also does an excellent job of recognizing popular shapes and figures used in flowcharts and diagrams, and mathematical equations.

SOTKA (8/10): This is a fitness app for anyone who is just starting out in an exercise program and needs guidance on how to take the first few steps and build them up to a level that works for them. So, in actuality, SOTKA is great for starters and for those who are newly starting after a break, for whatever reason. The reason why SOTKA works so well is that it’s organized in a way that does not turn people off to the idea of exercising.

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