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[] Long Island, New York – Mobile app review publisher AlphaDigits has named top rated applications for January 2020. AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. This website has now released the names of top rated mobile apps for the month of January.

VideoProc (10/10): Some of the issues that social media users face when posting video clips to YouTube or Instagram are file size and maintaining overall quality of the video when viewed in either app. Videos taken are typically 4K resolution and can be fairly large. The angle may be skewed, there may be a fisheye effect, and so on. Users need a good video editing tool that provides a wide variety of features, is easy to use and produces solid results, so that stories told on Instagram or YouTube have maximum impact. That program is VideoProc.

Bleeker St (9.5/10): This app turns the tables on making poor purchases by bringing people together to check out brands they love. It allows you to scan the user community offerings to see if anyone is hosting a demo party for something you may be interested in, sign up to attend, and then enjoy as the item is demoed and used. You can even try it out yourself and there is no pressure to buy.

Swiperly (9/10): What is really nice about this app is that it provides a description of the game and a practice area so you can get a feel for how to swipe and what it takes to move the ball the way you want it to go. The How to Play screen also keeps your stats, so you can quickly see where you stand. The ball can roll left or right, jump and climb stairs. And while that sounds simple enough, it does take some practice to get it right.

Pop Queue (8.5/10): It uses your location to map out eateries, shopping, libraries and other such hangout places where you can go and spend some time. The app finds these destinations and color codes them to indicate how many people are at that location. This gives you an idea of which places are rockin and which places may serve up some simple solitude. The app can be used in this way to find you a place to hang out, whether you are in your own neighborhood, are vacationing or traveling for business.

tellows (8/10): This app has one of the largest databases of numbers, making it a very reliable user reporting service for phone numbers and spam. It is also powered by its user community, so you know that it is legit. It allows users to see if an incoming call is a known or unknown number, it will block unwanted calls so you are not bothered by them at all.

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