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[] Long Island, New York – Mobile app review publisher AlphaDigits has named the top rated apps for September 2015. AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. This website has now released the names of top rated mobile apps for the month of September.

Tangram (10 /10): Tangram lets the user experience all the usual features of a browser, but the best part about Tangram is that people can use the app quite easily than some of the other mobile browsers available. Searching for the data that you want to collect is a lot easier with its easy to handle user interface, while organizing the data that interests you into categories is even easier.

NiLi (9 /10): NiLi is NightLife made easy. It’s an app that is rocking and roaring in cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco, offering up ideas on where to do during the day and after the sun sets. Download NiLi and then connect into it via Facebook or Twitter. If you choose not to go that route, you can register with NiLi directly and create a profile using an email address. Once you are in, you get to see what’s going on and create an experience before the event even happens, and journal about it after.

Fishing with Grandpa (9 /10): Fishing with Grandpa lets kids take a virtual day off spent with Grandpa. They get to pick what to pack, choose their very own hook and reel and a lure to make the fish come flying out of the water. The fun doesn’t stop at just fishing; there are underwater games, puzzles and more all designed to teach lifelong lessons that bring value to kids, ages 3-6. Heck, if you never had a chance to fish with your grandpa, this might prove the perfect replacement.

Roamer (9 /10): Different countries have different packages for different SIM cards, and choosing the best plan that works for a person is up to themselves. But in the end, a payment is required, and travelers will have to keep on changing the SIM card from country to country. This can be annoying especially is a person is a frequent traveler. When using Roamer, a person would not have to worry about changing the number of your phone from country to country, and can keep on using the same home number that you use.

Tears of the Machine (8.5 /10): Many defender games are founded on friction between factions, but Tears of the Machine brings a storyline full of unanswered questions and mysterious memories into a battle to defeat the enemy and discover where you came from. Creatively quartered into four episodes, this app overflows with adventure; challenging you to defeat the Global Order Coalition, all while you maintain your quest to discover the identity of the girl that haunts your dreams.

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