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[] Long Island, New York – AlphaDigits has listed top rated apps for the month of May, 2013. AlphaDigits releases the names of five top rated mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. Now, it has come up with the list top rated mobile apps for the month of May.

Here is the list:

My.Agenda (5/5): My.Agenda uses your OC calendar and your online calendar to keep you posted about your schedule and upcoming tasks. As soon you set up a task in your iPhone’s calendar, My.Agenda has it recorded and the next time you check the app for events, you will see everything there, without you even having to set up the tasks.

Coach Guitar (4.8/5): This iPhone app provides an easy way to learn playing your favorite songs on guitar and impress your friends. If you have always craved to learn how to play guitar, but you never got any time to join music classes, this app would come in handy to you. As you do not require any prior understanding of musical notes and you can straight-a-way move to your favorite songs, your friends would definitely be impressed.

Dinamotxt (4.8/5): Dinamotxt provides a seamless integration of your Android phone’s incoming and outgoing messages with your tablet. This messaging app has the same texting interface capabilities as those of your phone which ensures that your experience is the same. It comes with different themes which allow you to personalize its appearance by changing the colors or themes.

Guitarcraft (4.7/5): The Guitarcraft app for the Android is an inherently stimulating musical app purposely designed for the music freaks. Guitarcraft is nurtured with six strings, twenty four frets, two types of vibrato, two different tap modes, a metronome etc. The app is a complete guitar app in all aspects, with a soothing sound being its star feature.

Jump Out (4.5/5): Jump Out for Android is an interesting time-pass app which requires no special gaming skills. You need to help your bug pals to find a way out of the four walls they are cunningly trapped in, through simple laws of physics. Make no mistakes, these bugs are quite a brave-heart so you have every liberty to go rough when it comes to make bold moves and make them scream Jump Out at the first place.

Joe Ellen, an editor at AlphaDigits said, “Android apps dominate the list this month as there are three Google Play apps among the top five. It clearly shows that Android developers are breaking the shackles to run full steam ahead.” App developers can contact AlphaDigits through the onsite form to get their apps reviewed. They can contact by mail or the contact form to avail other marketing services.AlphaDigits
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