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[] Long Island, New York – AlphaDigits has named top rated apps for the month of June 2013. AlphaDigits releases the list of five top rated mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. Now, it has come up with the list top rated mobile apps for the month of June. Here is the list.

2020: My Country (5/5): This lifelike game is embedded with high quality graphics and detailed animations so that the player feels more and more into the game. There are a large number of quests in the game and it depends on the player how he conquers each one. Overall, it is a great game and is worth a try. This app is available for iPhone as well as Android.

Tag & Flag (5/5): Hide and seek lovers are going to love this app as Tag & Flag would convert the photos into a kind of “hide and seek” games. Also, there are matches and magnets available in the app which would make it even more interesting. Using matches, it is possible to hide the areas which do not contain any tags and magnets are used to pull you towards the associated tags.

Rule the Kingdom (5/5): This app consists of RPG action, arena fighting, building houses, farming and much more. It gives you a chance to tell your own story and perspective. You make your own empire, gathering resources from different places and training your soldiers to fight all evil. There are unique items to be unlocked and earned, along with the loyalty of your troops as you battle your way through every hardship to keep your kingdom safe.

Sleep Application (5/5): Sleep Application traces all movements during the night and uses the concept of soothing music to help you fulfill your sleeping needs. The user is made aware of the flicker noises arising due to the difference in frequencies of the sounds produced. The user can hear such flicker noise that helps him/ her to relieve the pressure that may cause disturbance during sleep.

Little Friends (4.8/5): This app is a good medium for learning the different domestic pets, wild animals as well as the sea creatures. Children can even comprise their own drawing in this app and learn about the different animals. This app will help you save the drawn stuff in your iPad gallery or iPhone memory and later you can upload them at any social networking site or just mail it to your kith and kin.

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