AlphaDigits Top Rated Apps July 2013

[] Long Island, New York – AlphaDigits has released the list of top rated apps for the month of July 2013.

AlphaDigits names top rated mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. Now, it has come up with the list of top rated mobile apps for the month of July. Here is the list.

Doc Vault (4.8/5): This app provides full security to the files that you store in your phone. All kinds of files can be kept secured – these include photos, videos, recordings, audio files, web browser and PDF files. Users can also create secured PDF files in your iPhone and keep them protected. This app allows the phone to click a picture of the person trying to access your account.

MetaTrader 4 (4.5/5): MetaTrader 4 from MetaQuotes Software Corp. helps users trade Forex through their iPhone and iPads. It is an advanced app with specialized features to know about the market conditions and other trading operations. There are around 30 technical indicators here to analyze the market conditions and keep you updated about the news and mails. MetaTrader 4 has 9 time frames- M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN1.

Fitness Checkup Pro (4.3/5): Fitness Checkup Pro is an interesting app which considers 11 important aspects of body fitness. It provides you the opportunity to score according to these 11 tests by following the instructions given and to improve your health parameters. It also provides relevant information and instructions regarding the correct posture and movement of the body for every test.

My Nutrition (4.3/5): My Nutrition makes lives easier as it happens to be an easy and healthy solution for all those people who are conscious about their eating habits. This app provides the names of more than eight thousand foods and categories. The food groups make the app easier to handle as it provides the buyer with the exact thing that is desired. This app also presents various cuisines of the world with decor and style.

PeepAdvice (4.3/5): There are times when we are confused about travelling to somewhere or buying a dress. The followers and friends can help you get out from such a situation. With PeepAdvice, you can ask for advice from your friends and experts online. You need to post the two top choices and your friends comment their decision on your post.

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