AlphaDigits Top Rated Apps for September 2012

[] Long Island, New York – The popular mobile app review website AlphaDigits has released the names of top rated apps for September 2012. AlphaDigits announces top rated mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the month. This list contains five top-notch apps that deserve a try. Now, AlphaDigits has named the top rated apps for the month of September this year.

NoteLedge (5/5): This is a complete notetaking app for the iPads. It lets users add notes by typing, handwriting, recording videos and audios and shooting images. Variety of brushes, pen, pencil and erasers are also offered to add to the sophistication. It is already popular in countries like the US, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China. NoteLedge costs $1.99 USD.

All-in YOGA (5/5): All-in YOGA is a yoga guide for beginners to gurus. This app is the paid version of another popular yoga app, YOGA Free. A good thing about this app is, it offers clear description for all the poses and there are also 3D muscle model images. It has an attractive interface and it really needs no guidance to navigate around the app. All-in YOGA costs $0.99.

MetaTrader 5 (4.8/5): This Android app is the fifth version of the popular Forex trading application MetaTrader. It offers real-time prices for currencies, charts (with seven timeframes) and previous trading history for the users. Moreover, they can make orders directly from the app and can add any number of trading accounts to it. This free app is also available for iOS devices.

Starmatic (4.5/5): This iPhone app is modeled on the legendary Kodak Brownie Starmatic camera. As it has Facebook-like navigation style, it won’t be hard for the users to explore Starmatic. They can follow others to see their photos, like them and leave their comments. There is Starmacolor filter to let them add 16 different effects to the images. This app is available for free.

Digisocial (4.5/5): Digisocial is a new social networking platform that helps users find friends and groups near by. New friends can be found using the phone’s contact list and Facebook contact list. Users can also send and receive messages. Meet Up is an interesting option that can help in adding new friends. An impressing thing about this free app is, it doesn’t have any ads. It is also available for Android devices.

While speaking about their services, Joe Ellen, an editor in AlphaDigits said, “We have added a few new services lately and are looking to launch a lot more very soon. This includes app SEO and iTunes review generation. We are really excited about it.”

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