AlphaDigits Top Rated Apps February 2013

[] Long Island, New York – AlphaDigits has released the list of top rated apps for the month of February 2013. AlphaDigits names five of the top rated mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the month. Now, it has named the top rated mobile apps for the month of February.

Here is the list:
* zeZebra (4.8/5): zeZebra is a peer to peer (P2P) file transfer app for the Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. It is simple to use, has stunning, streamlined visuals and provides a much needed platform for a previously unfilled niche. This app puts itself in a niche that Cloud storage file transfer clients simply cannot fill and provides an easy and free way to transfer larger files like movies or whole albums.

* Jewel Bash Pinball (4.7/5): Jewel Bash Pinball is a very interesting Android game, that is really fun to play and you will play for long hours without getting bored. It is basically a concept of two games; the jewel breaking games as well as pinball. This game has been greatly improved as compared to the original pinball game. As, it is quite fast, the players might have a difficult time controlling the ball and the flippers.

* Syncrohearts Love Game (4.7/5): The game was easy, it was short, but it was a lot of fun once we got past how awkward it was. Quick word of warning to the first time user of this app: don’t mess around with it until you have passed the ‘L-word’ barrier in your relationship. You’re in for a doozy of an awkward silence if you haven’t.

* Klieg (4.5/5): Klieg lets users create videos from photos taken with the app and photos imported from the Photos library. Users can choose from six free filters and three paid filters. Klieg is user-friendly, once you figure out the swipe this way, swipe that way navigation. Videos can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and Photos app.

* MewSim (4.5/5): MewSim allows you to know your dream pet cat. You must be wondering, what if I don’t have a cat at my place. To your rescue, you can have one through this app, though virtual, you will have all the fun that you could have with a real one. You can also send your cat for a holiday, but you should definitely take it back when it returns!

Joe Ellen, An editor at AlphaDigits said, “We are working on to launch a few new services and a new website this April. These new services help small entrepreneurs promote their services in Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

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