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[] Long Island, New York – Mobile app review publisher AlphaDigits has named top rated applications for December 2017. AlphaDigits names five top class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. This website has now released the names of top rated mobile apps for the month of December.

33 RPM (10/10): It’s a music manager of sorts and it makes using Apple Music more rewarding. Imagine adding a layer of meaning and fun to the library, so that you are sharing with friends, learning more about their preferences and expanding your own music library. So often, we just want something new to add to our collection, and what better way than to hear what our friends are listening to.

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge (9.5/10): This app is very similar to any solitaire game: there’s a pile of cards from which you choose the top one to play. There are cards laid out upon which you must stack in some order. Then there are cards laid out in various configurations, starting with a tri peak configuration and weaving its way around others. Tapping on a card will move it to where it needs to go. If it cannot go elsewhere, it will stay put.

Movie Show (9/10): Movie Show is an excellent app found free in the Android store that lets you search for as well as read up on TV series and movies on your mobile devices. This app has a long list of blockbuster movies; you can easily read about your favorite TV series too.

lumio (8.5/10): This is an app that lets you highlight and share actual content you find online, not just the link. The important key here is that you are sharing exactly what you want others to see, not just the site, which would force your recipient to page through content and search for those few lines that you found to be phenomenal.

Audials Radio (8/10): Audials is a radio app that brings a world of music to your ears through your very own device. It offers a variety of genres numbering over 120 and spanning over 80,000 stations, coming live to you from across the globe. As an added boost, their latest update has improved on the connection quality and has made the streaming clearer and smoother.

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