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[] Long Island, New York – AlphaDigits has released the names of the top rated apps for the month of April 2013. AlphaDigits comes up with the names of five top rated mobile apps every month based on the reviews published in the website during the particular month. Now, it has listed the top rated mobile apps for the month of April. Here is the list:

Zappix (5/5): Zappix is an app startup whose mobile app permits users to bypass customer service voice menus when calling companies, government agencies or nonprofit organizations. This app is spreading wildly and they are marketing to get more companies and agencies to get on board to make life a little simpler.

Notebooks (4.8/5): With Notebooks for iPad, you can create documents at the simple touch of your fingers or stylus, save them according to dates or usage and cross reference them at any time you want. It can be password protected from the settings or individual documents can be password protected as well.

SideBall (4.8/5): This is simply a gaming app that offers one of the most thrilling and exciting mobile games. SideBall is about a fantastic arcade game that you will play using the flickers and balls. The thrill comes from the desire to know what else you can unlock or buy using the tickets won in the rolls.

Sea Tale HD (4.8/5): The entire theme of Sea Tale HD is based on an underwater adventure. There are 4 underwater locations: a shoal, a shipwreck, a reef and a grotto. The game has good graphics and comes in different languages. There are unique and charming characters in the game that will attract kids as well as adults.

Space Sports (4.7/5): In this soccer game, you do not have to face against human opponents, but rather funny intergalactic moles whom you have to beat in enthralling face-off and of course score to win. The developers also plan to provide tickets for championships like NBA, World Series, Formula One Grand Prix and even Superbowl finals via the Goaly Moley championships.

Joe Ellen, an editor at AlphaDigits said, “Our new website is almost ready and we hope to launch it in the third week of May. This new service can help entrepreneurs generate followers in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This service will also benefit app developers and we are really excited about this new venture.”

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