Alpha Market Investments to make significant Chinese investment in New Year

Alpha Market Investments conducted an investment survey from September 2019 through to September 2020 and the results of the survey showed great potential in the Chinese industrial sector.

Alpha Market Investments’ Chief Investment Officer commented on the survey saying “Our investment survey on the current investment climate over the last year showed that industrial companies are one of the most lucrative markets and we are scouting companies to make significant investments in the New Year to add working assets to our expanding portfolio.”

Alpha Market Investments’ Chief Investment Officer also added “Our commitment to investing in China underscores our focus on investment themes that integrate the best interests of equity return for all our clients. Our strategists and equity analysts have the experience to highlight potential opportunities which will put our clients at the forefront of the most-timely investment opportunities here at Alpha Market Investments.”

About Us – Alpha Market Investments
Alpha Market Investments has been one of the leading global independent M&A advisory firms. Directed towards the middle market, Alpha Market Investments has connections that can and will render support and potentials both locally and internationally for clients buying or selling companies as well as financings, corporate restructurings and other corporate finance transactions.

We have 10 years of intensive experience in corporate finance advisory services for mid-sized transactions worldwide. Our consultants communally bank on the corporate finance expertise transversely to sustain companies, entrepreneurs and institutional investors.

Our 100+ advisors tap into our collective infrastructure to render flawless connections and linkages to the right buyers, investors, and potentials worldwide.

Alpha Market Investments is the preferred choice of conglomerates, businessmen and private equity investors worldwide because of our local process skills and global implementation competence.

10 years in the industry has blessed Alpha Market Investments with strong and lasting relations with local industry, government, financial institutions and private equity investors, all of whom have trusted us to complete their business, and count on our knowledgeable, unconventional and equitable financial advice.

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