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[] London, United Kingdom – Independent developer Alex Gollner today is proud to introduce Alex4D Animation Transitions, a brand new plugin pack for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X video editing software. Alex4D Animation Transitions is a kit that editors can use to instantly animate video clips, graphics, pictures and text. It allows users to use animation to add character to logos, titles and other story elements in the Final Cut Pro X timeline.

Transitions are used in editing software to ‘transition’ from one shot to the next as the video plays. In Final Cut Pro X, users add transitions to shot by dragging and dropping transitions from an on-screen browser to the timeline. Each of the 120 Alex4D Animation Transitions adds animation to still images, on-screen text and video elements. Clips can be made to fly, bounce, skid, grow, shrink and flip onto the screen – on their own, or overlaid on top of other elements. Alex4D Animation Transitions can also animate clips off the screen in the same ways.

Alex4D Animation Transitions comes with 120 plugins. The transitions range from subtle and straightforward presets for editors who want quick results to complex and fully-customisable presets for designers who want instant advanced motion graphics in their Final Cut Pro X timeline.

“I made Alex4D Animation Transitions for every kind of film maker,” explains independent developer Alex Gollner. “Editors, graphic designers, educators, and all sorts of businesspeople use video editing software to tell their stories. These people need flexible tools, able to support all kinds of storytelling. Alex4D Animation Transitions can be used to add subtle effects to direct the audience’s view to a specific part of the screen. Alex4D Animation Transitions can also be used to create complex motion graphics-based title sequences that quickly introduce audiences to the world of the story. Users need only spend a few seconds applying Alex4D Animation Transitions so they can get back to telling their story, or spend hours using them to create complex multi-layer animations.”

Feature highlights:
* 120 transitions
* Spin, scale and fade clips onto the screen
* Move clips from any location: drag on-screen control to choose
* Change animation speed and timing without using keyframes by dragging transitions in the timeline
* Animate overlaid logos
* Animate titles
* Animate stills images and videos
* Animate between full-screen clips in the main storyline
* Animate between clips in secondary storylines
* Animate off the screen using the same settings, or opposite settings to keep clips moving, spinning and scaling in the same direction as they animated on
* Scale and spin around around any point on the screen: drag on-screen control to choose
* Divide clips into two parts and control the timing and animation of each part seperately
* Crop animations
* Works in any resolution: from 480p up to 5K and higher
* Works at any frame rate: from 1 frame per second to 1,000 frames per second
* Works in any aspect ratio: from widescreen landscape 20:1, 16:9, 4:3, square to portrait 3:4, 9:16, 1:20
* Includes 32 page PDF manual

Developer Alex Gollner has been making plugins for Apple video editing software since 2008. He started making plugins for Final Cut Pro 6, producing 20 in the following few years – which he made available to the editing community for free. In 2011 he turned his hand to making plugins for Final Cut Pro X. He’s made over 70 free plugins for Apple’s professional video editing application. Users of his plugins range from feature film post production professionals to those uploading personal videos to YouTube every day.

“I am often tasked with creating monitor graphics for our newscasts and I use Alex4D plugins for Final Cut Pro X all the time. They are simple but effective.” – Terry Simmonds WXYZ Detroit

“Time is money – so I’ve constantly looked for ways to increase my efficiency while generating high-quality work for my clients. Alex’s plug-ins are perfect for that! Highly recommended.” – Bill Davis, Video Producer/Apple Certified FCP X Editor

“An indispensable set of plugins for all Final Cut Pro X users. They really show off the power of FCPX’s GPU accelerated underpinnings and modern code.” – Ollie Kenchington, Apple Certified Trainer

System requirements:
* Apple Macintosh only
* OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 or later
* Final Cut Pro X 10.2.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Alex4D Animation Transitions is $49 (USD). Alex4D Animation Transitions is distributed via the FxFactory post-production app store. Users can download the free FxFactory application and use it to install trial versions of the 120 transitions to make them available in Final Cut Pro X. Once users have tried the watermarked transitions in their productions, they can use a credit card to unlock Alex4D Animation Transitions, removing the watermarks before final export.Alex4D Animation Transitions
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Alex Gollner is a freelance video editor and software developer who provides tools that help people tell their stories. All material and software (C) 2015 Alex Gollner All rights reserved. Apple and Final Cut Pro X are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and other countries.

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