Alex Stein of Conspiracy Castle said Target Tries to Restrict Customer from Shopping Even though he has on a mask

Target tries to restrict customer from shopping: Alex Stein of Conspiracy Castle published a video “All Masks Matter – Target tries to stop me from shopping because I don’t have on the correct mask”.

Alex Stein, in his continued effort to reveal unknown truths to the masses across the world, posted a video on his YouTube channel “Conspiracy Castle” July, 2020, titled, “All Masks Matter – Target Tries To Stop Me from shopping because I don’t have on the Correct Mask”, narrated his ordeal about putting on a face mask as instructed by the store.

Putting on a face mask does not guarantee safety from the dreadful virus COVID-19. There are dissimilarities between doing things right and doing the right thing. Doing things right can be termed efficiency while doing the right thing is intelligence, wisdom and effectiveness.

He was challenged for not putting on the right mask, because it neither covers his mouth nor his nose, therefore he will not be opportune to shop until he comply. He asked to be shown where it was stated that it has to cover his mouth, he was lead to where the instruction was pasted at the entrance of the store, but lo and behold, it was written “Due to local ordinance, you must wear a face covering to enter this store”.

He entered the store stating he was going to shop, it is all about compliance, the instruction doesn’t say it has to cover his mouth. Because he was putting on a mask that covers his face. This just shows that this is about compliance and not health because the mask rules doesn’t specify what to cover other than your face. The CDC is lying and so is deceitful. We need to wake up to reality because all the numbers we have been hearing are unreliable and inaccurate data.

Alex Stein is known for his contentious stand on a number of issues, with his hypermedia show ‘Conspiracy Castle’, uncovering lies that have been purposefully modified for the consumption of the public to keep them under control and guarantee their discontent. He graduated from Louisiana State University and has followed his interest in the occult to expose secret evidences to the world at large.

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