Admixer.Network Launches Header Bidding

[] Toronto, Canada – Now ad networks owners can target approved Header Bidding DSPs partners and bring more efficiency in programmatic trading. We’re glad to announce the rollout of a new feature for Admixer.Network owners: Header Bidding demand. With this update ad network owners now have a new opportunity to leverage the full potential of Header Bidding to increase their earnings and bring more profit to publishers.

Benefits for ad network owners

Header Bidding allows the ad networks owners to:

Maximize earnings: With Header Bidding demand, you can increase range and variety of demand, get the best possible price for inventory.

Apply widely: Header bidding can be used for all of ad networks types and ad formats: display, video, native, AMP, interstitial.

Ensure best price for your publishers: With roll up of Header Bidding, ad networks owners can build the ultimate monetization scheme (similar to hybrid programmatic model), where all demand types – direct, Header Bidding, and oRTB – are competing for the ad zone and ensuring the publishers the highest price for their inventory.

Manage easily: Users don’t have to plug each partner into the ad network by yourself, Admixer team does this for you. An alternative scenario without Header Bidding demand requires: getting the prebid core and adding it to the website, then getting Header Bidding partner’s prebid adapter, and finally integrating it into the prebid core. Setting up a Header Bidding DSP partner within Admixer.Network solution is alternatively easy, fast, and literally requires 3 clicks.

Now ad network owners can start Header Bidding campaigns with a few simple steps:

1. Agree on the integration with DSPs you want to partner and get their code (publisher ID)

2. Provide publishers with the code they can add to their websites

3. Link DSPs with supply sources through Admixer.Network

So far, Admixer.Network has been already integrated with AppNexus, AdForm, RhythmOne, SmartAdServer, DistrictM, Criteo, AppnexusVideo, BetweenDigital, RTBHouse.

Learn more about Admixer.Network Launch of Header Bidding.Admixer Technologies Website
Header Bidding Launch in details

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