acQuire and Imago join forces in new technology partnership to improve integration of geological data

acQuire announces a collaboration with Imago, a USA technology company dedicated to providing high-performance viewing of geological core and chip images from any location. The new integration gives GIM Suite customers the ability to view high-quality images alongside their geoscientific data. The Imago integration will be launched as part of GIM Suite’s next release – GIM Suite 4.3 – available in late November 2020.

PERTH, Australia (04 November 2020) – acQuire and Imago announce a new technology partnership allowing GIM Suite customers to view high-quality images within GIM Suite’s web interface. The new dynamic image integration improves the productivity of geology professionals, the accuracy of their geoscientific information and the ease in which they manage geological data.

“The collaboration is part of acQuire’s ongoing strategy to develop greater connectivity between software developed for the mining industry,” says Steve Mundell, acQuire’s Director of Product.

“Organisations are using Imago to store and catalogue their imagery so it made a lot of sense to make those images available when our customers are using GIM Suite.”

“Geologists find value in having the data and imagery displayed together so they can quickly validate and verify any anomalies or find issues,” Steve says.

The Imago integration with GIM Suite allows geoscientists and geotechs to improve data quality. Available imagery is displayed alongside the drillhole interval captured in GIM Suite, making it easy to crosscheck.

“The integration with GIM Suite improves productivity and collaboration no matter where you’re working,” says Federico Arboleda, Imago’s founder.

“You’re able to perform digital quality checks from the office, rather than in the coreshed, rig, or in the field.

“It’s one of the most streamlined ways available in the mining industry today for viewing images and matching it to geological data,” Federico says.

The new integration is part of GIM Suite 4.3, the next release of acQuire’s geoscientific information management software, scheduled for late November 2020.

“We’re pleased to be working with Imago to give GIM Suite customers an enhanced view of their data while increasing the value of their technology investments,” Steve says.

“Our goal is to provide a single source of truth of geological data, and making Imago imagery available to geoscientists helps them better understand exactly what their data is telling them.”

Both acQuire and Imago have offices around the world to provide support for the global mining industry.

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