Accurate Color Videobook Blurs the Line Between iPad App and iBook

[] Sarasota, Florida – The Accurate Color Audio Video Textbook shows non-professional photographers to produce professional results. This videobook illustrates to readers how light affects every aspect of photography; including how color is perceived by the camera, how cameras capture light and color, and how color actually mutates from camera to monitor display to printer and/or Internet.

Readers will learn about the process works and, more importantly, how to control the process from start to finish. The Accurate Color media-book delivers first-year photography school courseware to those who cannot attend formal schools. The book’s nine non-linear sessions allow the reader to experience the sessions in any order.

Included in all sessions are: chapter videos, page-by-page narration, dynamic pictures, chapter reviews (Top Ten Takeaways), a two-hundred word illustrated glossary triggered by colored keywords, highlights and underscores, notes, email sharing, study cards, interactive graphics, multiple-choice quizzes, dynamic diagrams, followup hot links to recommended educational resources, and more.

The publishing industry currently offers two kinds of books for tablet devices: ebooks or audiobooks. One you read, the other you listen to. The Accurate Color ibook combines three sensory presentations into what can be best termed as a media-book; an illustrated audiobook, an animated video production, and an illustrated and interactive textbook, all running concurrently in a single presentation. This iBook series sets a new benchmark for iPad-based books; both in content and presentation.

Illustrated eBook. The normal ebook reading experience has been upgraded to an illustrated and interactive reading experience, offering spring-loaded photographs and illustrations that enlarge to full page size. Many of the photographs are in “Gallery” format, presenting a viewable series of captioned pictures.

Soundtracked Audiobook. Typical audiobook narration has been enhanced by the use of edited background music on a page-by-page basis. This allows the reader to listen to the narration while reading the text and viewing the interactive illustrations. This format also allows the reader to highlight text, make notes, look up definitions in the illustrated Glossary, all while listening to the audiobook.

High Definition Video Animation. In addition to the eBook and audiobook presentations, all Accurate Color book materials are presented in high-definition video animation, accompanied by the book’s audio tracks.

The Accurate Color media-book is available for all Apple iPads from the iTunes store.ImagePrep Consulting LLC
Accurate Color High-Definition Videobook
The Elements of Digital Color Photography
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