Acclaimed automotive author and celebrity storyteller JP Emerson launches highly anticipated podcast, “The JP Emerson Show”

Hosted by award winning automotive journalist and storyteller JP Emerson, each episode will focus on automotive based memories, industry insights, humor and untold stories from enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

The JP Emerson show spotlights everyday enthusiasts, automotive passions, events, news, music and road trip adventures.

Inspired by his popular “Power Profile” series, JP Emerson encourages readers, and now listeners, to “Tell Your Story”. “It’s always fun speaking with JP” says Ken Lingenfelter, owner of Lingenfelter Performance engineering and one of the largest privately owned vehicle collections in the country. “His stories are always well done and I always enjoy them. I really could talk all day with JP.”

JP Emerson is an award winning freelance writer whose work appears in dozens of automotive based magazines and websites while providing content for television media, celebrities, blogs and brands.

JP EMERSON Journalist/Author
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JP ( @ ) jpemerson dot com

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