A&A International Holdings Group promotes Henry Tseng to Director of Private Equity

A&A International Holdings Group’s newly appointed Director of Private Equity, Mr. Henry Tseng has been promoted from Equity Trader Specialist at the firms Singapore office where he has worked for the past 4 years.

A&A International Holdings Group’s Chief Executive Officer commented on the appointment saying “Having worked with Henry previously, I know there will be many colleagues welcoming him back to the city. We are currently expanding our Equity Trading Desk following our move into larger offices, in order to cope with the increased demand from our clients worldwide.”

A&A International Holdings Group’s Chief Executive Officer also added “Henry has proven he can excel under pressure and has been committed to exceeding the requirements of his previous roles, which made the choice of appointing him to Director of Private Equity a straightforward decision for the Board of Directors of A&A International Holdings Group.”

A&A International Holdings Group’s Director of Private Equity, Mr. Henry Tseng added a few words on his appointment saying “I am delighted to have been rewarded with this promotion and I am looking forward to joining the team. My time as a Senior Trader has been fruitful and my career has progressed over the last 4 years and now I am proud to be a Director.”

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