A Verse A Day 1.8 for iOS – Daily Bible Verses + Special Verses by Topic

[prMac.com] Seoul, Korea, Republic Of – YFactory today is pleased to announce A Verse A Day 1.8 – Start of a Beautiful Day for iOS, an update to their reference app that delivers a new Bible verse every morning, and is ready with special verses in four different categories for any time of day. The new, built-in alarm clock feature lets users set the time they would like to awaken. An ideal way to start the day with inspiration and resolve, the app offers a useful “thought for the day.” A Verse A Day features more than 1,000 of the most popular Bible verses in its built-in library, and any verse can be easily shared with friends and family via in-app email, SMS, and Facebook connectivity. Free monthly updates add new verses.

Featuring a GUI that tastefully blends modern colors and design with ancient stone and sacred text, the app eschews religious iconography as part of its purpose, which is to offer in brief aphorisms the wisdom of the Bible to as many people as possible. Whether a user would think of themselves as religious or not, A Verse A Day is designed to appeal to all people appreciative of insight, inspiration, direction, and a wider perspective.

Feature Highlights:
* AVAD visits the user every morning
* See a new verse at any time you want
* Share the verse with friends via Facebook
* Find the verse that suits the situation
* Free monthly updates
* Support for Local Notifications requires iOS 4.0 or later
* Share the verse with friends via SMS or email
* Over 1,000 verses organized by topic provide help in times of need
* New alarm function lets users awaken at the time of their choice to a new verse

At launch in portrait orientation the app displays a dark wood grain screen with the bottom half of a stone wheel visible at the top of the screen. The wheel can be rotated to reveal all five of its color-coded sectors: Today’s Verse, I, We, Faith, and Christ. The first choice, Today’s Verse, is pale red and when touched displays a short verse, usually less than 50 words. Each contains the seed of renewed faith and the strength to meet life’s challenges. Turning the wheel displays the remaining categories: I in pale blue, We in light green, Faith in violet, and Christ in gold. Each of the four categories contains 15 Topics, so that users can find a verse appropriate for any time or situation.

Categories & Topics:
* I – Thanks, Suffering, Fear, Rage, Nervous, Love, Stress, Sorrow, Failure, Worry, Loneliness, Courage, Depression, Wisdom, Peace
* We – Family, Encouragement, Marriage, Relationship, Friendship, Money, Word, Service, Sex, Promise, Temptation, Loving Neighbors, Property, Blessing, Friend
* Faith – Church, Prayer, Bible, Faith, The Gospel, Ministry, Test, Worship, Grace, Propagation, Sin, Disease, Praise, Offertory, Training
* Christ – Salvation, Christ, Protection, The Resurrection, Judgment, Response, Guidance, Presence, Mercy, Freedom, Return, Confession, Heaven, God, Repentance

“A Verse a Day can help you start each day with a new resolution,” commented Yong Nam Kim of YFactory. “And at any time you can find the appropriate verse to fulfill any need you may have: peace, consolation, understanding, energy, or strength.”

Language Support:
* English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 8.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
A Verse A Day – Start of a Beautiful Day 1.8 is now at the special, 50% off price of only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Reference category. Review copies are available upon request.A Verse A Day 1.8 – Start of a Beautiful Day
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