A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood

[prMac.com] Bozeman, Montana – Moms want sleep. Moms want five minutes of peace and quiet. Moms want to be left alone in the bathroom for more than 45 seconds. But more than anything, moms want to know that they are not alone in this crazy ride called Motherhood. That’s why Denise Malloy wrote A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood.

A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood is a 136-page collection of Denise Malloy’s most popular parenting columns from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. There are moments in parenting that provide bliss, joy and wonder. A Real Mother is about the other moments. Parents will catch a glimpse of their lives in the pages of A Real Mother and know that it’s okay to laugh not only at the ups-and-downs of parenting, but also at themselves.

This collection of 39 columns is written in the first-person tone of Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck. It’s written with mothers-to-be, moms in the trenches and grandmothers who have survived to tell the tale in mind.

As a mom with two teens and a humor columnist, Denise Malloy is familiar with this audience. For the past six years, her column, “A Real Mother,” has appeared in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle where she waxes profound, and occasionally profane, on issues that touch every Real Mother’s life – from diapers to dating. Denise recounts her wild ride through the Stream of Consciousness Zone of Parenting to getting caught by her teens and, quite possibly, Scarring Them for Life. Her work has also appeared in Family Circle, Funny Times, Parents, American Profile, Via Travel as well as numerous regional women’s and parenting publications.

Denise Malloy inhabits a world that most parents will recognize, but few have described quite so honestly, or hilariously.


Named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best of 2012

“A quick, lighthearted romp through the joys of motherhood as told by a real, honest and very funny mom.” – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“A Real Mother is a real pleasure.” – ForeWord Clarion Reviews (5 of 5 stars)

Advance Praise for: A Real Mother: stumbling through motherhood

“Denise Malloy gives us a deliciously snarky, loving, and brutally honest look at REAL motherhood. . . and if Denise is any indication, we don’t have to throw out our sense of humor with the bath water.” – Katie Goodman, comedian, creator of “Broad Comedy,” and author of Improvisation for the Spirit.

“If Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck had a Kentucky love-child, her name would be Denise Malloy.”
– Chrysti M. Smith, host of the radio series “Chrysti the Wordsmith,” produced at KGLT-FM in Bozeman, Montana

“In this hilarious collection where wry humor and loving warmth prevail, Denise Malloy’s foray into parenthood puts her at the pinnacle with Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry. . .” – Lauri Olsen, author of Cold Moon Honor, Whispers on the Wind

“Denise Malloy . . . can turn any situation into comedy. . .” – Jennifer Lowe-Anker, mother, artist and author of Forget Me Not

“Call her a modern-day Erma Bombeck, but somehow Denise Malloy manages to consistently slice and dice modern-day living with good old-fashioned humor. . .” – Megan Ault Regnerus, Managing Editor, Montana Quarterly and Balance Magazines

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