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[prMac.com] Baden-Baden, Germany – Luxury is not a synonym for squander. Luxury is a lifestyle. Those who live it set out for the highest quality possible, and prefer to buy fewer things as long as they offer high value. The iPhone is a luxury item: function, design, price, everything about it is luxury. But if you’re looking for a protective case, you’ll mostly be able to choose between cheap run-of-the-mill products that can be found at dollar kiosks and sub-par outlet stores.

Christopher Bohn of cb innovations at Baden-Baden, Germany: “We have spent a lot of time thinking about how we could revolutionize the classic leather case for smartphone – with a high end product that perfectly fits in with a tailored suit and expensive Oxford shoes. And what we came up with is the cb Softcase.”

The “Classic Edition” cb Softcase is made out of finest Italian premium leather and shaped into a classic design which is reliable and noble at the same time. This leather cover can either hold an iPhone 5/5S or an iPhone 6 in order to protect it from scratches, dirt and impact. Your smartphone can always be pulled out of the case without any hassle.

Christopher Bohn: “We purchase our calf leather at a renowned Italian tannery, which produces in an environment-friendly and sustainable way. We’ve chosen this leather for its unique haptic and its natural texture. During production, we combine this one of a kind material with special nylon threads, natural oil lacquers and glue. Together, they make the cb Softcase naturally water- and dirt-proof.”

Another unique feature is the inner lining, which is made out of our innovative cb Microfiber. This silky-soft fabric beds your smartphone and also cleans the display from annoying fingerprints when you pull it out of the case. cb Microfiber is known as the finest natural thread created by science. Each fiber is three times as fine as cotton and hundred times as fine as human hair. In spite of this, the material does not tear or give off fluff. On the back of the case, you will find subtle air vents, which have been burnt into the material by laser. They provide optimal air circulation for your phone and great acoustic, so you won’t ever miss any calls again.

A great brand product needs to be labeled as such – and that’s what the cb Button is for. Our very own goldsmith from Baden-Baden makes each button out of pure 935 Sterling silver, shaping and polishing it by hand. Rhodium plating makes sure that the silver does not oxidize. Each cb Button is only one millimeter high, so it does not get caught in the tightest of pockets.

Pricing and Availability:
The cb Softcase is available in the following colors: Happy Orange, Caramel Lion, Cherry Love and Black Night. It gets delivered in a noble present box. The classic edition will be available in May and can be pre-ordered right now for $175.00 (USD).

For those of you who are looking for even more luxury, we’re offering 500 limited leather sleeve in a special gold edition – with a cb Button out of 750 (18 Karat) fine gold. This case with a price of $950.00 (USD) is available in the colors Royal Lion and Royal Ocean, Orange, Caramel Lion, Cherry Love and Black Night. It gets delivered in a noble present box. The classic edition will be available in May and can be preordered right now for $175.00.cb innovations
cb Softcase
Classic Edition Features
Gold Edition Features
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cb innovations is a German company that publishes exclusive mobile products and luxurious accessories. The business model is based on innovation and was founded from a love for technological progress and great design. Being a creative pioneer in our field, we marry advanced technology with great design. Our timeless products prove that we don’t follow trends, and on the contrary, the products we make reflect character and a passion for great design. By raising the bar of innovation while getting back to the roots of simple, yet effective design, we create a symbol for quality and the key to great emotion. We use our time to innovate development, support brave ideas and fulfill visions. While doing that, we continually question, simplify and optimize our technologies, work flows and materials. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 cb innovations. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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