64-bit Applications Arrive in Virtual TimeClock 19

[prMac.com] Long Island, New York – Today’s release of Virtual TimeClock 19 delivers 64-bit versions of Redcort Software’s popular employee time clock applications. Virtual TimeClock’s new 64-bit apps remain familiar to users while ensuring compatibility with the latest computers and tablets running macOS and Microsoft Windows. Virtual TimeClock 19 adds support for HiDPI displays, Dark Mode for MacOS, and a new Kiosk Mode for increased security of centralized time clock stations.

New 64-bit Applications
Rebuilding Virtual TimeClock as 64-bit applications became a top priority for Redcort Software early in 2018 when Apple announced that their next macOS release would no longer run 32-bit programs. “After more than 30 years developing Virtual TimeClock on a 32-bit platform, the 64-bit conversion was a tremendous undertaking by our development team” explained Keith DeLong, president of Redcort Software Inc. “The new 64-bit architecture of Virtual TimeClock 19 will enable us to continue supporting our user’s macOS and Windows PCs for another 30 years.”

Virtual TimeClock users will find version 19 completely familiar, while the program runs faster, more efficiently, and is more visually pleasing with dozens of subtle visual enhancements. Virtual TimeClock 19 has HiDPI display support for razor-sharp, high-resolution icons and text. Version 19 also adds support for Apple’s Dark Mode that was introduced in macOS Mojave.

New Time Clock Features
Virtual TimeClock 19 has a new Kiosk Mode that adds security for centralized employee time clocks. The Timecard Approval Dashboard has been updated to simplify preparation for payroll processing. Brand new date, time & calendar controls make timecard management easier than ever. Network communications now employ TLS 1.2 encryption for enhanced data security and privacy. Printing has been enhanced for messaging, program logs, and user notes.

Pricing and Availability
Virtual TimeClock is licensed as a one-time purchase, starting at $99. Virtual TimeClock is available in Basic, Pro and Network editions for Macintosh Computers, Windows PCs and tablets. Optional annual software maintenance and support enrollment and discounted upgrade pricing are available upon request or online at the Redcort Software store.Redcort Software
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