5 Free Valentine’s Apps to help you be more creative

[prMac.com] Tallinn, Estonia – The BamBooApps team have hand-picked 5 free iOS apps that can help anyone to be more creative while saying “I Love you” this Valentine’s Day. Loving someone is not a simple task. Think it’s easy to say how much you love another person for the first time and don’t make it silly or boring? While it’s OK to go with a simple “I Love You” BamBoo Group suggests 5 free iOS apps you can use to be a little more creative this time.

1. iBooks 3.0.2:
Apple’s free app for reading books. Just create a Word doc or Pages document with neutral title on the first page, something like “My first book” will do. The second page is entirely for your love ode. Than export or safe the file in ePub format and ask the love target to help your friend with the fresh view on the book. Man, you are so romantic!

2. Paper by FiftyThree 1.2.6
This gorgeous drawing app is free to download on the App Store and you don’t even need to buy additional brushes to make a hand drawn Valentines card and post it on the social network where you love target spends most of the time. Personal message is appreciated.

3. Ringtonium Lite 2.5.3:
Best in class ringtone making app with built in mic recording feature. Record your words of love, make a ringtone and when you are together just ask her to call you (say you lost your phone somewhere in the room). Oh, now your are kissing. Job’s done.

4. Recards for iPad 2.1:
This speech-to-music iPad app was born for this kind of thing. It has a fantastic romantic music themes library. I bet your love never had this moment so filled with feelings before. Just choose the music you like, say the special words and the app will turn them into serenade style track. Now go ahead and send it via email. Oh my god this is Love.

5. Jamie’s Recipes 2.10.1:
You should never underestimate the role of a good romantic meal somewhere on the quite roof . This app will help you to find the best recipes ever including step-by-step videos. And don’t forget to hide Love You message inside of your bolognese pasta. Trust me it works.

Happy Valentine’s Day!Bamboo Group
iBooks 3.0.2
Paper by FiftyThree 1.2.6
Ringtonium Lite 2.5.3
Recards for iPad 2.1
Jamie’s Recipes 2.10.1

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