360Works releases MirrorSync 1.5 with new installer, download links

[prMac.com] Atlanta, Georgia – 360Works is proud to announce the release of MirrorSync 1.5, a FileMaker synchronization tool. This version is a free upgrade for all current users, and includes new features and bug fixes.

The MirrorSync installer has been completely separated and remade, setting MirrorSync up as its own process. Also included in this update, the iOS download feature makes distributing modified or new copies simple and easy.

Users can now can distribute new copies of files quickly and easily. Making database modifications or layout updates are quickly distributed with this new feature. Users are given a link that is accessible from anywhere and downloads the latest copy of a file with all the changes. The link can be disabled at any time to prevent unauthorized access.

Copies of files can still be downloaded straight from MirrorSync and emailed, sent via Dropbox, or any other method.

MirrorSync now runs in its own process, installing completely separately from the Web Publishing Engine. MirrorSync can run where most convenient, even installed on a different computer than FileMaker Server. By having its own separate installer, MirrorSync is more stable, and reduces the load on the Web Publishing Engine.

The new installer also comes with a lightweight admin application, allowing users to view the current installations of MirrorSync and stop, restart, and start as needed.

Hosting providers who provide MirrorSync should note the installation process is much easier for multiple installations of MirrorSync. To access, hold down ALT on Windows when installing to define a new name for an instance, or select hosting provider installation in Mac. Either way, the process is now completely automated.

This update also includes minor interface updates and bug fixes, which included a bug with adding new tables to the sync configuration, launching MirrorSync for the first time, and empty modification timestamps.360Works
MirrorSync 1.5

Located in metro Atlanta, 360Works, a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance member, has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for more than a decade. The company is a leading developer of both shrink-wrapped and custom FileMaker database design solutions for clients such as NASA, Bernard Hodes Group, US Marines, Make-A-Wish foundation and others. The company is credited for its forward-thinking solutions, dedication and unparalleled client service. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. FileMaker, and the FileMaker logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of FileMaker Incorporated.

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