333’s Dice Game: Coming Soon to the App Store

[prMac.com] United States – Forget the boring old dice-based games! The 333’s dice game is here! 333’s promises to take fast-rolling dice play to new heights of the entertaining experience. Really! Find the 333’s dice game mobile app at the App Store, download it for your iPhone and iPad, and you’re ready to see for yourself why 333’s is showing up everywhere!

Apps have evolved into many categories, and games are one of the most downloaded types in the market. Of the many gaming categories, dice-based games have had their own fan following, and 333’s dice game is an exceptional addition. 333’s is an easy to understand, unique and entertaining fast-rolling dice game. The object of the game is to attain the lowest score. Any 3 rolled keeps your score at zero, and all other dice are counted at face value. It’s fast, it’s fun, and any age can play! Keep rolling until you and the other player(s) have gone 10 fast rounds. The app keeps your scores handy so that you can see who’s on top of their 333’s – and the player with the lowest overall score wins the jackpot!

The app’s interface gives players the option of online and offline gaming: Try to beat the computer, or roll the die with other opponents through Apple’s Game Center. To get a Game Center account, sign up online at apple.com/game-center. Once you’ve downloaded the 333’s app, ask a friend to download it too. For a mere two dollars you two can turn spare time into bragging time. And, you can listen while your roll – your theme and music puts your own die-throwing into places like the casino, a football game, a funky disco floor or a pirate’s map.

The 333’s dice game is the brainchild of a Dallas, Texas-based creatives company called Roll-On, LLC. A fast-paced table version of 333’s uses game chips and is another fun way to see some real dice action. The entire game fits into a small shaker, making it popular for college campuses, poolside parties, and camp sites. For more information and to order, e-mail the team at info@roll333s.com. Check out the demo version of 333’s on website and share your bragging with 333’s Rapid Rolling Dice Game on Facebook. Let them hear how you roll!333’s

Located in Dallas, Texas, Roll-On, the prominent name in mobile app gaming, will soon be launching a fast and fun dice game called 333’s. Copyright (C) 2012 Roll-On. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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