24U released 24U Appearance OSAX 4.0.1

[prMac.com] Zvole, Czech Republic – 24U Software today announces version 4.0.1 of 24U Appearance OSAX. The scripting addition for Mac users allows AppleScript script writers to interact with users via dialogs, notifications, alerts, progress indicators, and floating messages without the need to use a complex development tool, such as Xcode.

The new version ensures that scripts created on older OS X will still work even on the new OS version, and brings support for OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11, better stability in FileMaker(R) Pro, persisting keyboard focus, and improved memory management.

24U Appearance OSAX is a scripting addition that allows user to:
* Dynamically build up dialogs with input fields to easily prompt the user for data input
* Use pop-up menus in your dialogs to simplify choosing values from predefined lists
* Validate entered data directly in dialogs to avoid inconveniently re-appearing dialogs
* Indicate progress via progress bar to keep user calm while waiting for your script to finish
* Display floating messages to provide user with detailed runtime information, such as log

Michael Tsai, the publisher of ATPM, gave 24U Appearance OSAX the ”Very Nice” rating, commenting: ”I found Appearance OSAX to be nearly perfect at what it does. It’s easy to learn and use, and I think the widgets it provides are adequate for the automation and integration tasks that AppleScript was originally intended for.”

Robert L. Hyde from HYDE & SWIGART wrote: ”I have been writing Applescript applications for years using AppleScript Studio to do much of what 24U Appearance OSAX does, but with great difficulty. I wish I had known about 24U Appearance OSAX long ago. It would have saved my a great deal of work.”

System Requirements and Compatibility:

Recommended configuration:
* Mac OS X: Intel Macintosh from year 2011 or newer with Mac OS X 10.9 Lion or newer

Minimum requirements:
* Mac OS X: Intel Macintosh from year 2006 with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Pricing and Availability:
24U Appearance OSAX is available as a shareware. Users can install 24U Appearance OSAX, and try it out for the period of 14 days free of charge. After this period, 24U Appearance OSAX can stop working and require a registration code. User will get this code after he pays for a license. Licenses for 24U Appearance OSAX start at $49 (USD) per user.

The new version is available as a free update for every owner of the version 4.0. Existing customers of version 3 can upgrade to the new version at 30 % off the regular price. Optional Premium Support and Implementation service are available with the purchase of 24U Appearance OSAX 4.0.1. Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.24U Software
24U Appearance OSAX
Download 24U Appearance OSAX

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