2048pixels Launches Homescreen FX to Personalize iPad Wallpapers

[prMac.com] San Francisco, California – – KaL MichaeL is delighted to announce 2048pixels 2.0, a fantastic new version of the popular iPad retina wallpaper site. This major upgrade gives visitors an incredible new way to personalize wallpapers for their new iPad homescreens. We call it Homescreen FX.

Powered by 2048pixels’s hand-curated library of stunning retina iPad art, Homescreen FX enables you to customize wallpapers and make them feel right at home on your new iPad. Polished tools allow you to add textures and effects to any 2048pixels wallpaper and watch your creation evolve in real-time. Best of all, 2048pixels 2.0 and its amazing new Homescreen FX are engineered down to their core to feel like a native app in Mobile Safari on your new iPad. After you tap and swipe to customize the perfect wallpaper, just one tap will instantly download your personalized work of art.

2048pixels 2.0 also gained plenty of fit and finish like a tighter design, more responsive performance, broader browser support, and a dash of bug fixes. A new sponsorship system enables a cleaner design and showcases even more interesting products to visitors. Of course, all the great 2048pixels features that garnered coverage on over 800 sites around the world are still here, including: share via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and email; a theme toggle to alter the look and feel of the entire site; and a submission tool so designers can present their work for consideration.

The new 2048pixels 2.0 with Homescreen FX is available on your iPad and traditional PCs today at 2048px.com. Now you can not only see the world’s best collection of iPad retina wallpapers, you can personalize them to feel right at home on your new iPad.2048pixels
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2048pixels is dedicated to hand-curating the world’s most beautiful iPad retina wallpaper. Download, share, and now personalize your favorites or upload your original designs to share with the world. 2048pixels is the premier arena for 2048×2048 pixel iPad retina wallpapers. Copyright (C) 2012 2048pixels. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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