1st Mignon Bear 1.0 for iOS – Inspirational and Interactive Storybook

[prMac.com] Seoul, Korea, Republic Of – YFactory today introduces 1st Mignon Bear 1.0 for iOS, its new children’s story of affection and consideration in an interactive application. The story features the Mignon Bear, a guardian angel who helps people achieve their dreams and find their special talents. The app offers vivid, colorful graphics and special games that let kids be a part of the story in a fun way. The educational application helps to foster curiosity about the world and a love of learning in children who will be captivated by the charming Mignon Bear.

Feature Highlights:
* Heartwarming story of friendship and consideration
* Automatic professional narration or “Read it myself” feature
* Highlighted text
* Based on the Original Collectible Bears by Annette Park
* Index for easy skipping to certain pages
* Interactive element to storytelling, including piano and tap movement on screen
* Create and send fun cards via email or save to an album
* Dress Mignon Bear up in the Dress Room
* Create a personalized Mignon Bear in the Coloring game and save or email the image
* Settings menu to adjust sound effects, music, and narration
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Mignon Bear is an enchanting story that will open children to a new world of reading and learning. The tale tells of Annette, a doll maker who fashioned the guardian angel Mignon Bear to watch over her dear pet dog, Ppu’mi, when she was too busy to be with him. With her love, she creates Mignon Bear and helps Ppu’mi to realize he is not alone in life. She eventually creates more Mignon Bears to be guardian angels for all the little boys and girls who come to her shop, helping them to feel safe and loved as they go through life.

Children will be enchanted by the tale of the Mignon Bear, and, with all the variety of specialized bears, will find one to be their very own guardian angel. Parents can read the Mignon Bear story to their children for a great bonding experience, or children can read it on their own. The app has professional narration as well, a feature that allows children to be read the story by a clear and elegant speaker. The words being spoken are highlighted as they are read throughout the story.

Mignon Bear features easy touch controls on every page. The home menu is simple to navigate with just one tap to the user’s desired story experience. As the book is being read, a swipe to the left will bring the reader to the next page while a swipe backwards brings the user back to the page before. An index at the top of the page is a tap away, allowing readers to skip to any page in the story with just one touch.

Interactive touch icons are represented throughout the story in sparkling stars that are glimmer over certain places on the page. When the reader taps these stars, the characters in the story come alive and move to act out the story and make it a complete storytelling experience. Delightful sound effects and music throughout the story add to the comfortable atmosphere.

From the Home menu, readers can interact with the story on a new level through the Games option. Here they can design e-cards with adorable Mignon Bear graphics that can be sent via email or saved. They can also go to the Mignon Bear Dress Room and create a personalized bear by matching sixteen different accessories and clothing items. The coloring game tab offers eight different Mignon Bears and a variety of colors, allowing children to create their own truly unique Mignon Bear to save or email.

1st Mignon Bear offers a completely interactive reading experience with fully personalized immersion in the tale. The charming Mignon Bears will captivate children everywhere.

“We hope that kids will not only enjoy but learn from this app,” says Yong Nam Kim of YFactory. “Mignon Bear will help the young generation build a love for learning and curiosity about the world. “

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 143 MB

Pricing and Availability:
1st Mignon Bear 1.0 is $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category. Review copies are available on request.1st Mignon Bear 1.0
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