1Globe Biomedical to research treatment diagnosis for stage small cell lung cancer

1Globe Biomedical’s medical scientists will study a combination of chemotherapies, etoposide plus being carboplatin or cisplatin and also stem cell treatment.

Stage small cell lung cancer is a fast-growing and highly aggressive form of lung cancer which recurs and progresses rapidly despite an initial response to chemotherapy.

1Globe Biomedical’s Director of Medical Research commented on the proposed lung cancer treatment saying “Our medical scientists are for the first time, analyzing extensive-stage small cell lung cancer and we will consider a wide range of treatments to determine which treatments can work, with immunotherapy combined with cisplatin which is a preferred choice of chemotherapy which is commonly used for treatment.”

1Globe Biomedical’s Director of Medical Research also said “Our ultimate goal is to provide a significant overall survival benefit with a treatment with minimal side effects. With chemotherapy being a global standard of care for patients with extensive-stage small cell lung cancer, we are excited to discover many new treatments which provides a sustained survival benefit. By harnessing the power of medical scientific technology, 1Globe Biomedical has the vision to hopefully redefine cancer treatment and successfully eradicate lung cancer as a cause of death.”

About Us – 1Globe Biomedical

1Globe Biomedical is a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of receptor T (1BioCARs™) therapies for cancer. Led by a world-class management team with significant experience in cell therapy, we are developing a pipeline of “off-the-shelf” receptor T cell therapy candidates with the goal of delivering readily available cell therapy faster, more reliably and at greater scale to more patients.

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