14-year-old Aditya Pachpande on a mission to donate 15,100 UVC COVID-19 sterilization kit to the under privileged

India,19 October 2020: Young innovator, 14-year old Aditya Pachpande, has announced Mission 15.1K that would undertake to donate and install 15,100 COVID-19 Suraksha Kits at Indian homes, schools and colleges, and public markets. The Box is a UVC sterilisation kit invented by Pachpande.

Aditya, who is also the CEO of newly launched start-up Nextgen Innov8, has installed the sterilisation kit at a few schools and vegetable markets in Pune and Mumbai. “The COVID-19 Suraksha Box is a low-cost Do-it-Yourself kit that sterilises eatables, groceries, and personal items using Ultra Violet C rays.” The Suraksha kit received a Government of India (MC&I) patent published for its unique application of UVC rays for protecting against covid-19 virus. The box has received a certification of approval from the CSIR-CMERI (an ICMR body) deeming it recommendable for sterilisation purposes. Aditya’s invention has also been praised by senior scientists at ICMR.

Pachpande and his team plans to make and install 15.1k Suraksha Boxes in Indian households, especially in poor and needy homes. Aditya launched “Mission 15.1k” on 2nd October to donate 15,100 these COVID-19 Suraksha Boxes to the underprivileged, as an homage to Mahatma Gandhi on his 151st birth anniversary. He drew inspiration from the Prime Minister’s ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat” initiative making his own contribution towards the “Make in India” movement.

The COVID-19 Suraksha Box uses Ultraviolet C light in a controlled environment to sterilise items inside it. The UVC lamp emits light of 240 nm frequency perfect to destroy viruses and bacteria on the surface of items. The inside walls of the Suraksha Box are lined with aluminium bubble wrap that reflects UVC light evenly around the items. The lining also makes it easy to clean.

The box solves one of the biggest problems households are facing in disinfecting eatables and groceries that cannot use soap and alcohol based sanitisers. “People were using dangerous methods to sanitise groceries, including keeping them in sunlight, washing with soap and sanitizers. All these methods were either unhygienic or harmful. They also consumed time and required lots of water. I saw my family struggle with this problem and realised that something had to be done about it.”

Pachpande has appealed to people to gift the Suraksha Box as festival gifts during this pandemic. “There can be no better gift than gifting safety and security to your family and friends. We are appealing to people, corporates, vendors and businesses to gift the Suraksha Box to their employees, offices, factories, families and friends this festival season. It’s highly essential item to have around your families.”

“We are appealing to NGOs, Media, CSRs of corporate entities to come ahead and join hand in the mission for donating this box to the ones in need”, he added. Pachpande aspires to donate it to the underprivileged citizens like vegetable sellers, small shopkeepers and vendors and the poorer sections of society who cannot afford the basic means of sanitization and sterilization of everyday consumables.

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