100 Balls 3D Tests Reaction Using a Realistic Physics Engine

[prMac.com] Cupertino, California – Users around the world who can’t stop playing Giedrius Talzunas’ addictive and fun app 100 Balls – which has been downloaded over 13 million times and ranked No. 1 in over 70 countries – can now take their gaming experience to new heights by downloading the much-anticipated 100 Balls 3D, which is now available in the App Store at no-cost.

Like its enormously popular predecessor, 100 Balls 3D is simple to grasp but difficult to master. Here’s how it’s played: users tap their screen to open a kind of “trap door” on the bottom of a container. Since the container is suspended in the air, the balls are pulled by gravity towards the ground. So in gameplay terms: the balls are falling from the top of the screen to the bottom.

Users have to prevent these falling balls from hitting the ground by catching them in their cup. Once their cup is filled to the top, it automatically cycles back to the top of the container and dumps its contents. Users then get a brand new, empty cup with which to catch yet more balls.

Notably, while all cups work the same, they aren’t all created equal. Colored cups (e.g. blue, green and pink) produce colored balls, which are worth more. There are also cool balls like “magnet balls”, which as the name suggests, attract other balls – which could either be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how much room is left in a cup.

And as can be expected, each level is slightly more challenging than the one before as the cups speed up. However, unlike some other games, higher levels aren’t impossible or frustrating, and getting an impressive score within a few hours of playing is realistic.

Speaking of realistic: aside from the stunning graphics with crisp colors and fine attention to detail, what makes 100 Balls 3D stand out is the realistic physics engine. The responsiveness is lifelike, which is important because the game is essentially based on reactions, reflexes and timing. Anything less than precision would create a sloppy gaming experience where luck was as valuable as skill. That’s definitely not the case with 100 Balls 3D.

Other 100 Balls 3D special features include:
A scoreboard that tracks best games
* Leaderboard integration to compete with friends
* Multiple game options, including short games (less than 5 minutes)
* Exceptional music and sound effects
* A pause button for those who want a break in the action

“100 Balls has a loyal following of addicted fans across the world,” commented Giedrius Talzunas. “However, I always felt that the game could be even better and more fun if the graphics were 3D. Well, after months of hard work and testing, that dream has become a reality!”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 27.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
100 Balls 3D 1.0, the fun and addictive new no-cost app that tests reaction using a realistic physics engine, is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.Giedrius Talzunas
100 Balls 3D 1.0
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